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#MTBoS2020 challenge - Bookends...

Does reformatting my website page count towards the #MTBoS2020 Blogging Challenge? I am going to say yes! I spent time (too much?) tidying things up and shifting what were "pages" into posts (almost done). I can already see how this format will be better suited to sharing stories each month - see this one got done! Well, at least the story has started...

Below are two visual bookends of my math-teaching "autobiography". On the left, an object I might use as a #talkingpiece in a circle (fresh off Restorative Justice Circles training). This infinity thinking statue was a gift from one of my first students. On the right recent clips of my current story and direction. When I put the two together I can't help but feel as if that first student knew more about my journey than I did.

To be continued....02/20/20


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