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Challenge accepted!

Jumping in with a quick post - since I was helpfully challenged by the one and only @mathymeg07!

I was searching for a theme, structure or "hook" to base my blogging on. Originally I considered making my way through the emojipedia (@cmmteach that might still happen ☺️ ), instead after reading and discussing A More Beautiful Question at TMC16 with @crstn85, @_b_p and @mrsketterling, I've decided instead to use the book's beautiful question (side) stories as my monthly (?) blogging inspiration. The short anecdotes provide context and meaning to themes in the book - this resonates with me since context and meaning is precisely what I aspire to model and coach in the classroom! I'll be following the order that the stories appear in the book - if you're curious, many are previewed in this collection.

I'll leave you wanting more (perhaps?). This initial post was my challenge accepted goal! Here's to my looking forward to blogging as a place for #MTBoS feedback and my own self-reflection - and on that note here's a self-reflection picture take and the U of M WAM patio during a #TMC16 lunch side trip with @zimmerdiamonds and @mathcohen.

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