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May 2021 Norma's Notables

April I shared as a blog post resources I curated for teachers in my district. Below is the May update. The structure evolved to Equity - Lesson Activities - Sites and Tools - Upcoming Events.


Lesson Activities

  • Curated by Illustrative Mathematics student-facing lesson videos. Content is outlined for review and/or preview. 💡 ➡️ students watch and write (or compose a Tweet or TikTok-like) video review. CONTENT by grade: Grade 8 Grade 7 Grade 6

  • Storytime DESMOS activity collection

  • Starter screens storytime based on Jarrett Lerner Activities

  • Grade 6 (but good for 7 and 8 review) "CLUE"

Sites and Tools

Upcoming Events

From Burnout to Brilliance: SEL & Mathematical Practice Standards

June 28 2021 ➡️ events and workshops page

🧑🏼‍💻 If you are interested here is a version of the google site with resources from earlier in the year.


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