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I definitely missed the #MTBoSblaugust deadline. However the butterfly pic is from August does that count? That said, now is as good a time as any to commit to this blog site! Truth be told I am looking for feedback and can't fit this in a tweet. Maybe I have found my blogger's muse?

I have been seeing more math and number talks in my school - very exciting! One great take away is that the talks keep us all on our toes processing student thinking in real-time!

Today I was planning with two 7th grade teachers for the upcoming integers unit. We discussed great lessons from last year and did a dry-run of an activity from Well Played (highly recommended!) After, I headed to my go-to places to do some more investigating and landed, as I often do, on Score! A series of counter models in the article, Making Sense of Positive and Negatives. Here's just a taste:

My "ah ha" was that these would make perfect images for number talks!!!

I am thinking we'll weave into the unit (and spiral later in the year) number talks such as:

I'll keep you posted and link to a folder of images we come up with. In the meantime Would love some #MTBoS feedback!

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